Selected Interviews

Animal advocate. Vet Record Careers 2014; Sep. 13: i-ii.
Download (1.3 mb).

Sentient interview, 2013
Meet the members: Andrew Knight

ARZone interview, 2012
Veganism and extreme ironing.

interview, 2012
“Andrew talks about his book The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments, the problem of vivisection, the use of other animals in veterinary schools, vegan ultramarathons and fitness, and much more. Approx. 44 min audio podcast.” I also include some interesting ultramarathon training tips involving vegan chocolate cake!

Interview on WSPA's Sentience Mosaic website (dedicated to the science of animal sentience), 2012
Animal sentience, animal experimentation, moral consideration of animals.

Interview in K Divine (Ed.)
Vegans Are Cool. Fremantle, Australia: Vivid Publishing. 2012. 49-62.
Describes my personal story and campaigns: my entry to animal advocacy, vet school campaign for humane teaching methods, 2011 book
The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments, Animals Count – the UK political party for the animals, for which I’m currently a spokesperson, vegan companion animal diets, the Extreme Vegan Sporting Association, which I founded, and my advice for those considering animal advocacy careers.
Online link with slideshow. Download book PDF (352 kb). Book link.

Interview in K Divine (Ed.) Forever 21. Fremantle, Australia: Vivid Publishing. 2011. 90-97.
Vegan companion animal diets, extreme vegan sports, climate change and cryptozoology.
Download (254 kb). Book link.

Interview: Dr Andrew Knight, PhD, MRCVS, FOCAE, Veterinarian, UK. Humane Research Australia. 2011.
Alternatives in biomedical education and animal experimentation.

Gazzola A. Veggie guy. Vegetarian Living 2010; 1(4): 59.
Andrew’s reasons for being vegan, and vegan athleticism.
Download (729 kb).

Anon. Les etudes sur animaux passees au crible. La Notice D Antidote 2010; 22: 10-14. [French].
Animal experimentation.
Download (4.9 mb).

Extreme sports: the other side of Dr. Andrew Knight. Supreme Master TV. 29 Aug. 2009.
Extreme vegan sports.

Vaughan C. Learning without killing: a guide to conscientious objection. 2009.
Alternatives in biomedical education.

An interview with Dr. Andrew Knight, the vegan vet. Supreme Master TV. Parts I-II. 31 Oct. - 1 Nov 2008.
Vegan companion animal diets and animal experimentation.

Interviews by the Japan Anti-Vivisection Association, Tokyo, with A Knight and J de Boo. JAVA News 2007; 80: 12-13. [Jap.].
Alternatives in biomedical education.
Download (1 mb).

Humane Research Australia (then Australian Association for Humane Research). Beyond the Cage. 2006. [DVD].
15 minute documentary film introducing the ethical and scientific arguments against the use of animals in research.
Link (194 mb).

Interview with Andrew Knight, BVMS. Students Promoting Awareness of Animal Rights. 2002.
Alternatives in biomedical education.