Video: climate change

The new Unilad video on livestock and climate change has received over 4,500,000 views by early December!

Article: Jack the Ripper summary

Another great article has just been published (in about our Jack the Ripper study: New Jack the Ripper theory links meat works and sexual violence

2017 in review

2017 has been a busy year for publications. Additional publications not mentioned below included:

• Benz-Schwarzburg J and Knight A. (2017). Cognitive relatives yet moral strangers? In A Linzey and C Linzey (Eds). Animal Ethics for Veterinarians. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press. 45-77. [reprinted from J Anim Ethics 2011; 1(1): 9-36].
• Ripple WJ et al. (2017). World scientists’ warning to humanity: a second notice. BioScience, bix125.
Letter co-signed by over 15,000 scientists concerning overpopulation, biodiversity loss and ecosystem support services.
• Knight A. (2017). Advice requested via social media. In Practice 39: 478-479.
• Knight A. (2017). Painful truths: what systematic reviews reveal about the utility of animal research. ANZCCART Conference 2017. Maintaining Social Licence in a Changing World. [Proceedings]. Wellington: ANZCCART. 31-36.

• Five book chapters in S Mullan and A Fawcett (Eds). (2017). Veterinary Ethics: Navigating Tough Cases. Sheffield, UK: 5M Publishing:
o Owners cannot afford treatment
o Samples & freebies
o Difficulties in obtaining consent
o Acting without consent
o Zoonosis

Blogs on a range of issues for SAFE:
Saving wildlife without drowning possums
Ending the trade in exotic animals
Realities of modern animal slaughter revealed
Remembering a racehorse called Regal Monarch – killed in the 2017 Melbourne Cup
Support of dairy is short on facts

A blog for the Vegan Society:
• Knight A and Leitsberger M. (2017). Veggie versus meat diets for cats and dogs: nutritional considerations

Key radio interviews included:
• 14 Nov. 2017: Safe and Sound radio show re multiple issues including possum killing in NZ
• 15 Nov. 2017: Musician Moby & AK interview with Victoria Moran, Main Street Vegan – US radio show, re: veterinary positions on animal welfare, Australian live exports, animal research, veg companion animal diets.

Video: lab grown meat

What do you think about lab grown meat? I was recently interviewed re the ethics of this: video

Article: Jack the Ripper summary

SARX has just published a short summary of our detailed academic article on Jack the Ripper. We will never know for certain, but it is highly likely Jack honed the physical skills, and the psychological and behavioural attributes employed on his victims to such devastating effect, during his employment as a slaughterhouse worker.

It may once have been necessary to kill other sentient creatures in order to survive. Such excuses no longer have any merit, and indeed, the modern business of animal slaughter profoundly harms the animals abused and killed, the workers required to kill them, and even their surrounding communities. It undeniably harms consumers whose health is damaged by overconsumption of animal products. It is clearly time to end our destructive social dependence on industrialised animal slaughter.