Article: academic centres for animal welfare

The Australian Animal Protection Law Journal has just published my short article describing the growth of academic centres for animal welfare internationally. It mentions the creation of our forthcoming Centre for Animal Welfare at the University of Winchester. I'm grateful to the journal for making the article available.

Article: canine prozac

The Sunday Telegraph [UK] has just published an article highlighting the plight of neglected dogs, with critique from myself and others of the practice of medicating them, rather than giving them appropriate care and attention. The online version is here.

Article: vegan animal diets

Thousands of vegans have companion animals, or care for rescued cats or dogs. What a vegan should feed them, however, remains a contentious point of debate. Can they be safely maintained on vegetarian or vegan diets? And how unnatural would that be? Find the answers here!

Adventure: the roof of Australia

In December I visited my great uncle Noel (turning 104) and great aunt Audrey in Mt Beauty, in Australia's snowy mountains. One evening I took a side trip to the winter ski resort of Falls Creek, 1/2 an hour by beautiful winding mountain roads. I planned to go for a little jog - which became an awesome unplanned half marathon around the rooftop of Australia. When I rechecked the map after eventually staggering in, I realised that my route was more like 20 km than 10 km. I guess perhaps I should learn to count... But at least I took a camera. The views were amazing!

Book chapter in Turning Points in Compassion

I was honoured to be asked to contribute a chapter to the following book, which has just been published:

Turning Points in Compassion is the culmination of 4 years work in compiling stories, interview and articles of some of the most progressive animal rights advocates. This inspirational collection of personal stories challenges our widespread perceptions about our relationship with animals.

With a powerful blend of compassion and honesty, the writers in Turning Points in Compassion share pivotal moments that were life changing. Their description of a life lived with awareness of animals as equally feeling beings who have conscious awareness and lives that matter to them will touch the hearts of people everywhere.

No readers will be left unchallenged by this book. This is the perfect gift for Christmas! For more information visit:”