Adventure: extreme ironing, St Kitts

At Ross U we're totally dedicated to the welfare of our students. So when the opportunity to assist with a student fundraiser came along, I couldn't say no. And besides, part of the proceeds also went to an animal charity. And so began another epic Kittitian ironing adventure! Don’t miss the pics or video!

Book chapter: animal assisted interventions

Animals are increasingly used in animal-assisted activities, service animal programs and animal-assisted therapies. On the face of it, such uses may seem meritorious, given the benefits that may accrue to the human companions of these animals. But what of the animals themselves? Dig a little deeper, and this issue becomes a lot more morally problematic than is apparent at first glance. My short review of this issue has just been published in a six volume encyclopedia of bioethics (Bioethics 4th Edn., Macmillan Reference) and is available here.

Article: animal experimentation

The UK-based Biochemical Society has just published a special edition of their journal ‘The Biochemist’ entitled Replacement (of animals) in Research. My article ‘Weighing the harms and benefits: invasive animal research’ is included.

Adventure: the search for the European yeti: Part IV

I'm convinced the European yeti (Gigantopithecus modernii) is out there somewhere, and I'm determined to find it. After all, such little known creatures deserve the attention of modern veterinary medicine as much as any other species. And besides, it's been starting to get hot in St Kitts. And so during the April break I headed for the Alps once more. Don’t miss the pics from this amazing adventure!

Adventure: Nevis to St Kitts annual swim

Once again it was time for the annual Nevis to St Kitts swim here in the Caribbean. 2.5 miles/4.1 km across open ocean, with unknown currents, swell and wind. And a 12 foot hammerhead was spotted on the swim 2 yrs ago. What more could anyone ask for in the way of adventure! I hadn't trained at all, had only 4 hrs sleep thanks to 7th semester banquet last night, and legs were already knackered from hours of practicing our surprise Thriller flash mob routine for the banquet. But heck, you only live once. And so I grabbed my snorkelling gear and trusty underwater camera and headed for the southern tip of St Kitts... Enjoy the photos!