Surgical recovery speeded by vegan cheesecake!

It’s now Day 5 after major surgery on my elbow to repair a fracture sustained whilst extreme cycling (ie, across a London road) nearly two years ago, and I can type, eat, sing and dance... In fact I have almost full range of motion and low pain. This recovery seems almost supernaturally fast, but I don't recall selling my soul to anyone or -thing recently, so I'm crediting my vegan diet. In particular, the vegan cheescakes from Shambhu’s Vegan Caterers. Both the choc chip and lemon and lime cakes seem to have magical healing powers, so I’m eating as many as I can.

The downside is that I'm not allowed to even think of load-bearing for 6 weeks. This could be my last year in Europe so I'm naturally desperate to ski the Vallee Blanche before the snow melts soon and the crevasses open up on the glacier... Although more injuries would also necessitate more cheesecake Happy