Animals Count: a political party for the animals

During the London elections of May 1st, 2008, Animals Count (AC) became the first political party for the animals to contest a UK election. Launched in 2006 by London-based animal welfare scientist and educator Jasmijn de Boo, AC was established to raise the status of animal issues within UK politics. We’ve grown from the successful Dutch Party for the Animals, which is the fastest growing political party in Europe.

Animals Count aims to set the standard as the political party advocating most strongly for animals within the UK, whilst also supporting other socially and environmentally responsible policies. We seek to demonstrate by example, that comprehensive, well-reasoned policies on animal issues are not only possible, but desirable, and can enhance the manifestos of political parties. We’ve had some success at encouraging the adoption of animal-friendly policies by other parties with a far greater command of political power. Indeed, the potential to positively influence much larger parties offers the greatest potential benefits. Accordingly, we have met various MPs to advocate animal-friendly policies. Additionally, we seek to demonstrate that voters care about animal issues, by directly contesting elections.

This presentation by AC’s Spokesperson reviews political parties and actions for animals within Europe and abroad; describes the development of AC; outlines our main policies; and our strategies for raising the status of animal issues within UK politics.

Animals Count: a Political Party for People and Animals from Andrew Knight