Animal research: overall

The overall summaries review replacement (of animals), reduction (of animal numbers) and refinement (reduction of animal suffering) (collectively - 3Rs) methodologies, within biomedical research and toxicity testing. The next publications discuss the need to adequately review existing studies, prior to commencing animal studies; review non-animal methodologies in biomedical research and toxicity testing; and review strategies to increase the implementation of 3Rs technologies. The next publication provides the most accurate, recent estimate of worldwide laboratory animal use (adding to excellent work by Taylor et al. 2008). The final publications critically assess the human clinical utility of large numbers of animal experiments, selected without bias. They clearly demonstrate that the contribution of animal models toward human healthcare advancements and toxicity assessments is generally poor.

Overall summaries.
Vet Times [UK] 2009 - 2010; Irish Vet J 2009; Vet Practice [UK] 2009.

Reviewing existing knowledge.
Altern Lab Anim 2008.

Non-animal methodologies.
ALTEX 2008.

Increasing alternatives use.
AATEX 2008, with Japanese translation.

Worldwide laboratory animal use in 2005.
Altern Lab Anim 2008.

Systematic reviews of animal experiments.
Altern Lab Anim 2007; Rev Recent Clin Trials 2008; LASA Forum 2012; scientific poster.