Adventures: 2009

Knight A. Reaching for the skies — at high speed. Vet Practice 2009; 41(8): 46-47.
Download (207 kb) photos

Article about our May 2009 Vegan 3 Peaks Challenge, which fundraised for Animals Count.

Knight A. Learning about some of the largest of patients. Vet Practice 2009; 41(7): 14.
Download (157 kb).

Article about dinosaur veterinary medicine, inspired by a visit to London’s Natural History Museum.

Knight A. Overcoming cultural insensitivity. Vet Practice 2009; 41(5): 11.
Download (448 kb).

Article about London’s ‘Jack the Ripper’ tour.

Knight A. Facing up to moral and legal obligations with phantoms. Vet Practice 2009; 41(3): 38.
Download (213 kb).

Article about my visit to London’s College of Psychic Studies.

Knight A. Coping with information overload problem. Vet Practice 2009; 40(12): 8-10.
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Article about my 2008 trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair, poor standards within veterinary practice, and my somewhat extreme hike in the Serra de Tramuntana range, Mallorca.

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