Climate Change

Livestock Casts Long Shadow

Over Climate Debate

Describes the contributions to climate change of the livestock sector, impacts on global food security, and strategies for mitigating the effects of livestock farming.

Part I: Knight A (2010). Livestock casts long shadow over climate debate. Vet Times, 40(18), 17, 20.

Livestock and climate change

Describes options for mitigating the severe adverse impacts of the livestock sector on climate change. Concludes with a call for decreased consumption of animal products.

Part II: Knight A (2010). Livestock and climate change. Vet Times, 40(23), 26, 28-29.




Promote Flexitarian Diets Worldwide

Lymbery P … Knight A … et al. (2018). Promote flexitarian diets worldwide. Nature 563, 325.

Climate Change:

The Animal Connection

Knight A (2010). Climate change: the animal connection. Vet Practice, 42(2), 52-53.